Dig into the Pinot's

Launched late last year were our Block 2 and Block 4 Platinum Pinot Noirs and while these 2 blocks in the vineyards seem to be literally right besides each other, we dug a 12 foot trench and discovered huge differences in the underlying soils. This was the motor behind our vineyard designates wine (and a bunch of trenches in the vineyard).

Winter at the Winery

It sure is chilly outside (and inside) but that doesn't stop our winemaking team from bundling up and making sure that the vines are pruned and the 2013 Aromatic Wines are ready for bottling! This week our Winemaker Darryl Brooker and Vineyard Manager Justin Adams bring you into the barrel cellar and out into the vineyards for a Winter Update. Don't forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel so you don't miss a thing!

Christmas Wine Pairings

Are you having trouble finding the perfect wine to pair with your Holiday meal? With so many great options we asked our Winemaker to help us out with a few classic pairings. Still stumped? Leave a comment below and our winemaker Darryl Brooker will help you find the perfect wine! We'd also love to hear your suggestions of what you'll do this year so leave a comment below! Merry Christmas!

Holiday Wines

Too many decisions to make this time of year? Well, this week our President and Winemaker help you with your Christmas shopping and let you know which of our lovely wines to put under your tree. (Whether it's for yourself or someone else, is up to you!)

Harvest Time - In the Winery

Join our winemaker during his busiest time of year, on the crush deck as he tells us all about the production part of harvest. See process the grapes go through to turn into our delectable wine, if the crew doesn’t eat them all first!