Harvest Time - In the Vineyard

It's been a very busy couple of months both in the Vineyard and in our Winery as we bring in all of the grapes that we have been taking care of this year! Join our Vineyard Manager Justin Adams up in Block 7 as they pick the Pinot Gris before the bears get them!

Platinum Club

This week Leigh, our Platinum Club Coordinator shows us all about Platinum Club. Learn about all the perks that comes with membership and all the hard work that goes on behind the scenes.

Grape Sampling

This is our winemakers favourite time of year as Darryl gets to head out of the cellar and explore the vineyard every day to check up on our grapes! Join him between the vines to learn about the process of determining when to harvest.

In the Cellar: Oak, Concrete and Clay

Oak, concrete and Clay. Our fabulous mediums to ferment our delicious wine! Join Winemaker Darryl Brooker in the Cellar as he goes through every fermenter and why we use them for specific wines.

"I Do" at CedarCreek Winery

Once June hits you won't be able to go to many days without seeing a beautiful bride and handsome groom strolling the streets with a photographer not far behind! CedarCreek is no exception! Join us as we introduce you to one of our Bride and Grooms who will let you know what you can expect if you come here for your wedding.